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Butterfly Pouches

Butterfly Pouches

A butterfly pouch is a laminating pouch that is used to create an edgeless and borderless ID card. These pouches lay flat where a normal laminating pouch will be sealed on one side, creating a clear edge of excess laminate on that side. Butterfly pouches are made from single pieces of laminate that have a score in place so that it can be folded and used with synthetic papers in order to create professional looking ID badges.

ID badges that are created on Teslin paper and then put into a butterfly pouch and laminated will mimic an ID that has been professionally printed using an expensive ID card printer. The butterfly pouch has been exclusively designed to be used with Teslin, Artisyn or Arcadia Synthetic paper.

On the inside of the butterfly pouch there is a heat activated film. This film will adhere to the printed ID card when it goes through the laminator. The pouch will tightly bond with the ID creating a waterproof badge that is not going to come apart and will last for many years.

Types of Butterfly Pouches

There are two styles of butterfly pouches from which to choose. They are the premium matte finish and the standard glossy finish. The pouches also come in two different thicknesses, a 7 mil and a 10 mil. Another option that is available is whether or not you want a magnetic stripe. A butterfly pouch will be able to add the magnetic stripe to the card without any issues.

Which Butterfly Pouch to Choose

When considering the type of butterfly pouch to use you will want to consider the type of application you plan on using the pouch for. As mentioned, you can choose a pouch that allows for a magnetic strip or one that does not.

The big difference between butterfly pouches is the finish that is provided. There is a matte finish or a glossy finish available. The glossy finish is shinier, but it tends to reflect light and glares at times. The matte finish will absorb the light instead, which may make it seem like it is dull, but it is really not.

Matte finishes on ID cards are typically ideal because the finish is a bit smoother and does not reflect the light which can make it difficult to ready.

It is possible to find a combination of size, finish, and magnetic stripe capabilities to meet your needs.